Advantages of Working with a Private Lender

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If you are looking for a loan to finance an investment, you will need to choose the right lender. Trying to work with a lender who is unsuitable for your needs will only lead to frustration and setbacks. Our team at Investor Loans Express has extensive experience in offering finance options to investors like you, and we want to help you get your next project moving along.

Advantages of Working with a Private Lender

In this article, we’ll go over a few of the advantages of working with a private lender like us.

  • Ease of Qualification – One advantage of working with a private lender instead of a larger institution like a bank or credit union has to do with the requirements to qualify for loans. Most financial institutions are strict about who they will and will not approve, but private lenders like ours have more freedom to be flexible in who we work with.
  • Repayment Options – Another advantage private lenders can offer lies in their repayment terms. Many larger institutions have a minimum timeline for repaying a loan, meaning you can get penalized for paying off your debt before the stipulated term has elapsed. If you want the option to pay your loan faster, you should consider working with a private lender.
  • Simplified Paperwork – A third advantage of working with a private lender lies in the ease of application. We do our best to make it simple and straightforward to get the loans you need, so we won’t waste your time with needlessly complicated paperwork (although we can’t get rid of it altogether).