New Construction Process

HomeBuildersNew Construction Process

Step 1: Minimum info I need to get you a quote. Fill in the below template and email to me:

  • Name of Borrower:
  • Full Property Address:
  • # of Units to be Built:
  • Entity to close under:
  • Citizenship Status:
  • Credit Score:
  • # of New Builds in Past 3 Years:
  • Liquid Assets:
  • Lot As-is Value:
  • Lot Purchase Price:
  • Length of time lot has been owned:
  • Construction Costs/Budget:
  • ARV:

New Construction Process

Step 2: Minimum docs I need to get the deal to underwriting:

  • Signed Borrower Application
  • Signed Property Application
  • Stamped Architectural Plans (stamped from the architect, not city)
  • Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
  • Budget
  • Asset verification
  • Entity docs
  • Articles of Organization
  • Operating Agreement
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Driver’s License

Step 3: To close the deal, we will need:

  • Contractor’s/Builder’s license
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation (or proof of exemption)
  • Liability Insurance/Bonds (as required by the state)