I’m faster than a bank, not a full doc lender, and way more efficient. Let’s work to get your projects funded and close some deals!


Loan Term:

  • 13-month, IO Balloon Note, no-prepayment penalty, we do not charge interest on undrawn construction funds (we do not charge Dutch interest)
  • 19- and 24-month term options are available as well
  • Rate and leverage are full dependent on the builder’s experience (namely, the number of builds completed and sold in the past 3 years)

Borrower Requirements:

  • Builder must have at least 5 completed builds in the past 3 years; the program is meant for professional builders
  • Investors with at least 12 flipped properties sold in the past 3 years now qualify for up to 4 new construction loans as well
  • FICO score of 660 (for first-time flippers)
  • FICO as low as 620 (with at least 12 flips/new builds in the past 3 years)

Lot Requirements:

  • Lot must be under 2 acres (unless larger lots are common to the area)
  • Lots must be fully entitled; they do not need to be permitted at time of close (appropriate permits must be supplied before first draw is requested). Lots must be split and individually parceled prior to closing.

Insurance Requirements:

  • Insurance Requirement Builders Risk Hazard/Flood

 Draw Process:

  • Wire is sent within 3-5 business days to borrower’s bank account
  • Invoices at time of draw are typically not required, but for certain items may require invoices/receipts as deemed appropriate by lender
  • GC lien waiver is required at time of draw
  • $200 fee per draw; no minimum or maximum draws


Appraisal fees:

  • Property Value (ARV) < $800K = $550 appraisal
  • Property Value (ARV) > $800K = $750 appraisal

Feasibility Review: $300 (only collected when closed)

Contractor Review: $200 (only collected when closed, one-time fee per GC)

Processing Fee: $800 (only collected when closed)


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